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If food is your passion, then London is your dreamland. There are so many great places where you can eat delicious food that you will never run out of options. From food markets to posh restaurants and cafes, UK’s capital has it all.

London is already famous for its numerous Michelin-starred restaurants that attract food pilgrims eager to try some of the fanciest dishes created by the world’s most renowned chefs. But that’s only one side of the city’s food scene and there’s much more to be discovered. In London, you can also taste amazing foods without breaking the bank. If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy an awesome culinary experience, you may want to check out some of these places.

     Little Sichuan – This small family-owned restaurant serves a variety of traditional Sichuan dishes that you can enjoy in a relaxed authentic atmosphere. The crispy skinned sweet duck with egg fried rice is just £6.99. For the same price or less you can also try salt & chilli crispy squid, kung pao chicken or noodle soup with chicken, pork or beef.

     The Mac Factory – For all you mac & cheese lovers out there, this is the best deal in town. You can try the mambo italiano with salty pancetta and mushroom or the hey mac-arena with beef chilli and tortilla crisps for only £7.50. Cheap is good, but free is even better, so if it happens to be your birthday, you know where to go.

Farmstand – Tucked away in Covent Garden, this trendy restaurant offers interesting combos of protein/vegan options plus two salads for £7.85. You can mix and match however you like. Everything sounds great, from the miso pan-fried salmon to the amazing marjoram mushroom pasta or the sweet potatoes with coconut yogurt.

      Hiba Express – There are three Hiba Express locations that serve amazing traditional Lebanese dishes and their lunch deals start from £6.25. One thing you have to try here is the crunchy falafel. The single wraps start from £4.75 and there’s a large variety of fillings that you can choose from.

      Cafe Sou – If you’re in the mood for something chic, this Parisian-style cafe offers a simple yet delicious menu that includes baguettes, omelettes, quiches and salads you can enjoy when you’re on the run. The highlight of the menu is the quiche lorraine, a savoury deal at only £4.

Cafe TPT – When in doubt, choose Chinese food. Cafe TPT is a sure hit with a huge Asian menu and not so huge prices. The list of dishes can be a bit overwhelming, but if you stick to the Cantonese dishes such as roast duck on rice, stuffed tofu or fresh seafood, you won’t regret it. Most classic main dishes cost less than £9. You should also try the popular Taiwanese bubble teas.

Give your taste buds a treat and explore the cheaper side of London’s culinary world. There are a lot of hidden gems waiting for you.

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